Senior Photography

Seniors are so much fun to photograph because they're at such a wonderful transition in their lives. I love capturing the fun and playful side mixed with the serious and mature side.

What does a senior photography session cost?
A basic senior photography session fee is $250. (SHS Seniors, check your 2012-2013 yearbook for a special deal!)  This fee includes a 4x6 proof book of my favorite edited photos as well as a CD of edited images from the shoot. I will also provide a copy of the photo of your choice to your schools yearbook, for inclusion in its publication.

While you may print photos using the included CD, professional quality prints are available individually at the prices listed below. Additional proof books, canvas wall prints, photo cards/invitations and other photo creations are also available for purchase.
Print prices:
4x6 $5
5x7 $7
8x10 $10
11x14 $14
8 wallets $8

4x6 spiral-bound book $25
5x7 spiral-bound book $40
(Proof books have all edited photos in them and
are spiral bound on one edge... great for showing
around all of your photos!)

Small photo cards:
50 3 x 2.5 two-sided photo cards $25 (great for adding to grad announcements! Can get multiple photos put on these.)

Medium photo cards:
25 two-sided photo cards $25
50 two-sided photo cards $40

Available in: 1.375 x 3.5 (think cool bookmark sized!), 3 x 3, 4 x 5, 4.25 x 5.5 and 4 x 6. Multiple photos available on one or both sides.
Custom sizes and products are available on request.
What can I expect from a senior photography session?
I'm committed to taking the time to get the best shots, so sessions can vary in time. Senior sessions are typically 1 1/2 to 2 hour sessions and include several clothing and site changes.
Where will my photography session take place?
Senior photo sessions will usually be shot at multiple sites so we can experience a variety of backgrounds. There are many wonderful and beautiful sites for photography in our area and we'll probably hit two or three during your session. Here are a few ideas:

McCormick Park in St. Helens has wooded areas, fields, a stream and a beautiful wooden bridge.
Trojan Park outside of Rainier has similar beautiful amenties.

Downtown St. Helens is a place for unique urban portraits as well as access to docks and waterside areas.
If you have a place that is meaningful and special to you (including your home or an animal barn), I'm happy to shoot there.
I love to travel into Portland to take photos at the various parks and the plethora of unique gardens (Rose Test Garden at Washington Park, Rhododendron Garden, Portland Japanese Garden, Portland Chinese Garden, etc.). I also love the industrial area and urban scenes of the city. There is an additional $20 transportation fee for sites more than 30 miles from Scappoose. Some sites require admission fees and the client is responsible for paying those fees.
I'm open to new ideas, so please share with me any sites you think would be great for your session!

What do I wear to my photography session?
Choose your favorite outfits and bring them along!
Variety is good. Choose some clothes that are bright and fun and others that are more formal or serious. In this way we can capture a variety moods in your photos.

Think about items with good color and texture like knits, ruffles and denim.

Don't forget the accessories! Big bangle bracelets, an interestesting hat or your favorite pair of shoes can really add a little individuality to your photos. For boys, this might mean chunky headphones or your favorite pair of cleats.
Feel free to text me pictures of your outfits before the shoot. This can help me choose backgrounds and settings that are just right for you and your outfit.

A session can include up to 6 changes of clothing, so plan accordingly. Bring extras in case we want to switch out just a piece or two.

Should I bring anything else with me?
Absolutely! I love props so scour your room, your locker and your life for things that are meaningful to you.

Do you have a favorite hat or scarf? I want to see it!

Do you play an instrument? Bring it!

Do you have a beloved car? Let's include it!

Do you have a horse or other special animal? Let's visit it and take photos.

Is there something uniquely special to you? Bring it along too.

For the girls: Do your hair and makeup in a way you feel represents you. There’s no need to go over the top with something you’re not used to. Look like your going on a hot date, but maybe not to the prom.