Family & Childrens Photography

Family photography is the heart and soul of Annette Pixley Photography.  As a wife, mother and teacher, I have a natural love for capturing children and families.  Here is some basic information about my family and childrens photography sessions.  Please call, email or text me with any additional questions you have.
What does a family or childrens photography session cost?
A basic family or childrens session fee is $100 and includes 45-60 minutes of shooting time and a CD of edited photos.  This fee covers a group of up to 6 family members.  If you have a larger group there is an additional $10 per person sitting fee.
Prints are available individually at the prices listed below.
4x6 $5
5x7 $7
8x10 $10
11x14 $14
8 wallets $8
4x6 spiral-bound book $25
5x7 spiral-bound book $40
 (Proof books have all edited photos in them and
   are spiral bound on one edge... great for
    showing around all of your photos!)

If you spend $50 or more on prints, the CD of edited photos is available at half price.
Additional sizes of prints, canvas wall prints,
photobooks, photo cards and other photo creations can also be purchased through me. 
What can I expect from a family or children photography session?
I'm willing to take some time to make sure we get the shots needed, so sessions can vary in time.  A typical session lasts 45-60 minutes and includes many poses and backgrounds.

Where will my photography session take place?
There are many wonderful and beautiful sites for photography in our area. 
McCormick Park in St. Helens has wooded areas, fields, a stream and a beautiful wooden bridge.  (See bridge & stream photos on left)
Trojan Park outside of Rainier has similar beautiful amenties as well as interesting concrete shapes to photograph in. 
If you have a friend or family member with hay or wheat fields or a cool old barn we can pose in, ask them for permission to shoot there. 
Downtown St. Helens is a place for unique urban portraits as well as access to docks along the river. 
I love to travel into Portland to take photos at the various parks and the plethora of unique gardens (Rose Test Garden at Washington Park, Rhododendron Garden, Portland Japanese Garden, Portland Chinese Garden, etc.), however there is an additional $20 transportation fee for session more than 30 miles from Scappoose.  Some of these sites require admission fees and the client is responsible for paying those fees.
I'm open to new ideas, so please share with me any sites you think would be great for your session!
What do we wear to our photography session?
That really depends on the personality of your family. 
If you have a dynamic family, really think about color!  A variety of coordinating colors really looks fabulous.

Jeans or khakis with brightly colored shirts can really also really pop. 
Think about choosing one color and having your family dress in different shades of that color or choose two complimentary colors and dress some family members in each color.  This can be split up randomly, by gender or by age (parents in one color, kids in another). 

Be thoughtful of your home decor when choosing your clothing, as these photos will be hanging on the walls in your home.
I'm worried the kids won't sit still for photographs.

Children are usually best behaved right in the beginning of the session, so I'll try to do the most important "sit and smile" group photos right in the beginning, when they are still paying attention. 
I encourage you to bring fun things for your children to do... a blanket and a non-messy picnic snack, some bubbles to chase around or a kite to fly.  This way you can pull it out partway through the session to reenergize the kids.  This also gives me a chance to shoot some candid portraits of your family interacting with one another.
Please note that by having Annette Pixley Photography take your photos, you are allowing me to post photos from your session on this blog and on Annette Pixley Photography's Facebook page.    Please contact me if you want to negotiate a session that does not include this stipulation.